This song made me thought about the woman who has hosted the messege in my church this morning. The woman told us how she turned toward Jesus Christ in her life.
Begin with her unhappy young age life that left home since 17ys and live on her own, as well passed through a miserable relationship with guy. At that time she was suffered the depression. Soon after she has a brain surgery(I donot how seriously it is?), and becuase of the surgery, she has more time connected with God. The whole story of her has told by partial speaking, the rest was singing. It's very inspiring indeed. likewise this song.

By the way, My favorite singer currently has tour Ausralia. Cyndi lauper. I literally want to go her gig.

Writer's Block: A barrel of laughs
Who is the funniest person you know, and why?

I think this will be Rebecca Black for now. I cannot stop to watch it for fun. I always found it interestingly.


Writer's Block: The more you know
Should websites like Wikileaks be defended for sharing confidential corporate and government information with the public, and why?

I don't think so. It's good for people know more about the intention of government, due to people shall know the true in crisis, such as nuclear plant explosion etc... Likewise it can avoid dirty thing of government because of information transparency.i

It's time to eat healthly
I need to start eating healthly and lose weight, in spite of I've stopped to be a vegan since four monthes ago. And after I've went to my Chinese friend's place, I've putted on my weight for five kilo. I think I should saied no to their food, this is my fault. therefor, it`s time to be healther.

The trivia thing of today
I've attended my course "Information Systems Mgmt" this morning. Coincidentally, the lecturer is the one of my first term one. He was looking me slightly exciting and expecting me
asking him more questions of the lecture. Due to no body asked him, the whole lecture was just totally boring. later on I can felt he started feeling paranoid and put a lot of stress on every one to ask him questions.

I knew some of the lecturers are very enthusiastic regarding the teaching, but why all of you gave less marks to enthusiastic students. Oddly enough you all gave higher marks while I became quiet, therefore who want to talk on the lecture. Finally, I knew why people saied "Speech is silver, silence is gold".

The end.

One of my friend asked about my ex-housemate just tonight, because she has been didn't hear I complained about her for a long time. At that moment, my mind just went blank with speechless. Actually, I was trying to do not contact and think about her such a long time, due to I think it`s wasted of time. And the next, she's a turelly "princess symdrome" person she is, plus homophobia and snob. I don`t want to think about her at all, and I felt complex when I thought her. (negative)

I'm a type of person rarely hate people, unless the people are doggy. At the moment, I just want to get rid of her out of my mind.

I wonder how they react if I told them I'm gay.
   One guy told me that he love me two days ago while he got drunk. I knew he was drunk as a lord , because he wan`t moved steadily. He has kissed my hand three times during the conversation. At that time, I was thinking to told him stop, but end up I did not for the sake of good manners. I think he will be shock if he knew I'm lesbian.

  The other old guy has told me his girl friend left him, that he works in my school . Afterward, he said he have to find a new girl friend. then I told him that`s a good idea, and find a long-term one. Unforgettably, I've meet him coincidentally few times. Every time he just told about girl friend thing. At that moment, I really want to told him I'm gay.

The end.


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